Steampunk (WW2 VR Shooter)

Game Genre

VR | shooter | WW2 | sci-fi | Singleplayer | Multiplayer | CO-OP | Storytelling




Release Date


Tasks I cover(ed)

Level/Map concepts & designs, test level creations, weapon concepts, sotry elements and more

The Story

This game's placeholder title is Steampunk. The game is about the allied invasion of Europe during WW2, but with a twist. The Dargellian forces from another world invade the earth with the use of portals. This has been inspired by Stargate and War of The Worlds. 

In the story you play as an American soldier. You help the French resistance and fight the German and Dargellian forces. These Dargellians have Steampunk like equipment, such as walkers.

This would be the biggest production for the Studio, but the game is sadly no longer in development.

Singleplayer Level Concepts

One advantage of having a finished story before starting the production is that you can create the level concepts for it based on that story. I've created probably 90% of the needed concepts for the Singleplayer, and in addition a couple of multiplayer map concepts.

I created the concepts in Adobe Illustrator and used roughly the same format for all levels.

Weapon System Concepts

In Steampunk we wanted to have a cool system with a lot of attachments and parts for the weapons of the game. We sort of created this in D-Day Enhanced, but it was mainly limited to a set amount of attachments.

The First Map

At the time it was quite sure that we were going to make the Steampunk idea into a real game. After getting a story and map concepts we were curious how one of the concepts would look like with the assets we had. The Forest map was picked and here below you can see two videos of that map. Keep in mind that the map was finished for only 50%. Some assets, sound effects, light effects, gameplay elements and other stuff are/were not in yet.