Skies of Fury

Game Genre

VR | WW2 | flying game | multiplayer | singleplayer




Release Date


Tasks I cover(ed)

Logo design, concepts and various

Skies of Fury Logo

Less is more. For the Skies of Fury logo I went for something simple, but strong. There are a lot of logos with wings, so it needed to be different from the others.

UI Concepts

For this game I made a couple of concepts. In those concepts are background renders/illustrations not made by me. Those are just placeholders to see what it could look like. In the concepts are some icons I created for the game as well. The menu's have a green shade, something I would've changed or improved if we continued to work on the game. 

The Core of the Game

The core of this game would obviously be flying and dogfighting with planes. With the use of Milanote I created an overview of the selection of planes, weaponry and abilities. I included some links to the models that we could use, so the rest of the team could easily find those.