RC Airplane Challenge

When I joined the studio, the development for this game was already underway. That's why I only created some work in the later stages and after the release of the game.

My tasks for this game in short: DLC Level design (train depot/station), DLC level creation, level enrichment (base maps), slight logo redesign, plane ability ideas, some UI (re)designs and more. 

Community Management

All games need some community management, including RC Airplane Challenge. A good overview of what is coming in future updates is important. A lot of people buy games when they can expect big updates after launch. This is a very basic image.

Plane Abilities

Joining the project at a later stage allowed me to conduct unique testing that others couldn't. Through this testing, I noticed that despite their visual differences, all the planes behaved similarly. To address this, I created an overview to balance each plane, assigning them distinct advantages and disadvantages. For example, larger planes were slower but could withstand more damage.

This initiative significantly enhanced the gameplay experience, especially in multiplayer PvP matches. However, I felt something was still missing. This led me to devise unique abilities for each plane:

  • EMP: An electronic shockwave that disables all plane engines within range for 2 to 3 seconds. This potent ability was allocated to one of the slower planes due to its strength.

  • Explosive Ammo: Deals greater damage than regular ammo but depletes quickly, requiring strategic use.

  • Extra Machine Guns: Doubles the number of machine guns on the Red Baron plane, ensuring more firepower.

  • Rear Gunner: Equips the Stuka with a rear gunner turret that automatically targets enemies behind the plane.

  • Self-Guided Rockets: Offers rockets with a lock-on feature, increasing the chance of hitting targets effectively.

  • Smoke Screen: Deploys a defensive smoke screen that disrupts enemy pursuit, providing effective evasion.

These abilities added depth and strategic diversity to gameplay, enriching the overall experience.