RC Airplane Challenge

When I joined the studio, the development for this game was already underway. That's why I only created some work in the later stages and after the release of the game.

My tasks for this game in short: DLC Level design (train depot/station), DLC level creation, level enrichment (base maps), slight logo redesign, plane ability ideas, some UI (re)designs and more. 

Community Management

All the games need some community management, including RC Airplane Challenge. A good overview of what is coming in future updates is important. A lot of people buy games when they can expect big updates after launch.

Plane Abilities

Since I joined at a later stage, I was able to test the game in a way the others couldn't. After testing I had the feeling that all the planes were behaving in the same way, even though they were visually different. That's why I came up with an overview to balance all the planes so they would have their own advantages and disadvantages. An example of this could be that a larger plane might be slower, but will be able to withstand more damage.

This really helped with making the planes more fun to play with, especially in multiplayer PvP matches. But something was still missing. That's why I came up with a uniqiue ability for every plane. 

EMP: an electronic shockwave that disables all plane engines within range (for 2/3 seconds). This ability proved to be very strong, so it was placed on one of the slowest planes.

Explosive Ammo: the explosive ammo deals more damage than the regular ammo. It is important to pick the right moment to use this ability, because you will run out of explosive ammo after just a few bursts.

Extra Machine guns: what's better than 2 machine guns? Double! Activating this ability doubled the amount of machine guns on the Red Baron plane. More bullets is obviously better!

Rear Gunner: for the Stuka it was only logical to add a rear gunner ability. Activating it would mean that an automated turret would target enemies that are within range behind your plane.

Self-Guided Rockets: even with a lock-on it isn't a guaranteed hit, but if you manage to hit someone with a rocket, it will surely be the end of that plane.

Smoke Screen: this is a very good defensive ability that makes it really difficult for enemy planes to keep following you.