Honor & Duty: Steampunk

Platforms: TBA.
Release date: TBA.
Type: First Person Shooter, singleplayer, multiplayer.
Genre: WW2, alternative timeline, war, action, sci-fi, tactical.
Store page: no store page at this moment.
Developer: Strange Games Studios.

Type of work

This game is a long term project I am proud to work on and be a part of. On this page I will show some of the work that I made or partially made. Keep in mind that most of the work will be revealed at a later stage, because this game is still in the early stages of development.

My tasks for this game in short: Level design (singleplayer & multiplayer), level artist (singleplayer & multiplayer), logo(s) & emblems, elements of the story & lore, game mechanics, multiplayer solutions & systems and a lot more. 

Weapon System Concept

Unlocking attachments and customising your weaponry should be one of the main activities in Steampunk. It keeps players playing longer, because they want to unlock more, test new attachments and unlock new guns. With this in mind I made some early concepts for the attachment system as seen below.

Designs by Bas Savelkouls, H&D: Steampunk, 2021.

2D map Concepts/Designs

A 2D map concept is a simple overview which can easily be translated to a 3D design. Every Steampunk multiplayer and/or singleplayer map will be designed in 2D first. The image below is the concept for a city map, which will be used for multiplayer (and maybe singleplayer).

Pre-Production - Low poly block-outs

After creating a 2D concept for a map it is sometimes best to create it in 3D. This way you can see and experience the scale of a map. The best way to do this is to use low poly assets and create a block-out above the 2D concept. Below here you will find a couple of screenshots of one of the first block-outs for a multiplayer map. There is a first version, which was too small and static, so a second block-out was made, based on a new 2D concept.

Concepts by Bas Savelkouls, H&D: Steampunk, 2019/2020

Dargellian Crest

The crest is the symbol for the Dargellian army. Darg soldiers wear helmets with this crest displayed on the front of the upper part of their combat helmet. I have designed the crest displayed on the images below. I made this crest design in Illustrator. This 2D crest was then given to the 3D artist. He made the 3D render and in-game previews below. The soldier model was created by various artists. To get to this final design I went through various existing logos to get more inspiration. 

Emblem (crest) design by Bas Savelkouls, model by SGS, H&D: Steampunk, 2019.

World Building - Emblems & Symbols

In Steampunk you will fight the Dargellian soldiers for most of the game. To give more depth to the world and the Dargellian Army, I've designed a list of emblems for specific parts of the Dargellian Army. The designs were based on WWII symbols used by the German Army and the Italian Army. Only the best and most unique designs will be used.

The Aerial Bomber Forces emblem is currently the main symbol for the Dargellian Army. You can see this design in the crest (see the helmet, on the middle of the shield). 

Designs by Bas Savelkouls, H&D: Steampunk, 2019.