Front Runner

Game Genre

VR | Racing | Dinosaurs | Singleplayer | Multiplayer



Release Date


Tasks I cover(ed)

Logo design, gameplay concepts, track concepts, car skins, track improvements, track creation & more

Front Runner Logo

At this point it is unknown if we will make Front Runner or Front Runner: Jurassic Racing. The former one is a racing game set in the present with no fantasy elements. Jurassic Racing is obviously a racing game involving dinosaurs and other fantasy elements. For the Front Runner title we needed a logo that is simple, but also usable in case we create other Front Runner titles.

Racing Track Concepts

Racing Car Skins

These days skins are a big part of gaming. Players just like to customize their weapons, characters, vehicles and more. For Front Runner we wanted to have a wide range of skins for players to unlock. All the skins below were created in Photoshop, pretty difficult if you know that the texture is 2D, while the car is 3D. It took a lot of trial and error to get things right.

Some of the skins are placeholders and will be improved or replaced at a later point.

Summer Vibes

This summer themed skin is one of the skins that took a longer time than the others to create, due to all the small illustrations on the skin.


This might be one of my favorite designs I've ever made. The car looks quite square, so I had the idea to place the roman shield illustrations on the car.


A skin based on P40 plane with the Shark Mouth decals.


This skin is based on the Japanese Sakura tree


This skin is based on the safari car/park ranger car from India.


A skin based on the most iconic F1 car ever. We still have to explore the possibilities of including this skin in the game.

Coffee Queen

This skin is based on a famous coffee franchise. The Coffee Queen logo is both a coffee cup and a face with a mask.

Gaming Cat

There are lots of people that love cats. This skin however is more of a reference to the large PSVR Gaming Cats community. The skin is full of easter eggs and references.

The Phoenix

Add flames and it makes it look hot!

Honor Racing

Honor Racing is meant to be a fictional version of Honda Racing. The skin is just a simple racing skin.


The Rusty skin is one of those retro 90s looking skins.The Rust is not meant to look like real rust, but it needs to look like it is part of the wrap. The skin is still using a concept logo on the sides. This will be replaced at one point.

Blue Cats

This car skin is based on a famous F1 team's car.


A skin based on the western theme.


This is a skin to honor a movie legend.


A car skin based on another title we created. The skin makes the car look like a spaceship.

Zombie Outbreak

This skin is sort of a placeholder. The goal is to have 3D elements attached to the car. For now those are 2D decals.

Other Liveries/Skins

There are plenty of other skins that might make it in the game or not. You can see them below.