Dropship Commander

Game Genre

VR | sci-fi | flying game | space | stategy | Singleplayer


PlayStation VR2, PlayStation VR, PS5, PS4


Release Date

17 November 2022

Tasks I cover(ed)

Logo design, gameplay ideas, PlayStation Content Pipeline and more

Dropship Commander Trailer

Dropship Commander Logo

The Dropship Commander logo needed to be simple, so I came up with the idea to make it look like a shoulder patch that you would normally see on an astronaut suit. We went through a lot of variations, but once we had one we liked we were able to change the colors and pick our favorite out of many.

HUD Design

This was a small game, so not a lot of time went into designing the UI, HUD and some other elements. That's why I needed to keep the HUD very simple as seen below. The image is not an in-game image, but a concept. That's why the terrain is not fully textured. In the final game the UI wasn't implemented in the same way (unfortunately).

Store Assets

Some of the assets that are used in the stores can be seen here below. The square image is the "master image", which basically is the cover image or icon of the game. We used the lander as the "hero" for the game and assets.