Awesome Asteroids

Game Genre

VR | shooter | flying game | space | Singleplayer


PlayStation VR2, PlayStation VR


Release Date

21 February 2023

Tasks I cover(ed)

Logo design, gameplay ideas, PlayStation Content Pipeline and more

Awesome Asteroids Trailer

Awesome Asteroids Logo

For this game we wanted a logo with a retro look, but it still needed to look modern. After a lot of designs we ended up with the design as seen below. I tried a lot of colors and color combinations (some are not included on the overview), but we were sure we wanted to include orange, so we continued with those combinations. 

UI/HUD Design

We wanted to push out this game as fast as we could, so there wasn't a lot of time to work on finetuning or making things visually more appealing. One of the things I would've loved to redo is the UI. It didn't turn out the way I hoped it would. It was the idea to put a hologram shader on the UI, that way the (now way too simple looking) UI would be looking so much better.

This is one of the concepts I created for the UI. This is without any hologram shader effect that would be applied after implementation. You can see I tried several overlay effects on the different buttons. There are also several icon placeholders.

Trophy Icons

Below are the PlayStation Trophy icons I created for Awesome Asteroids.


In Awesome Asteroids you can collect several pickups, like ammo, eye-tracked weapons, missiles and more. All of those need icons. I designed these icons so that they could be extruded to be 3D icons. They would rotate in-game just like pickups in retro games.

Target Lock (HUD)

When selecting the missiles you will be able to lock-on targets. To know what you are locking onto a target lock indicator was needed. There are several designs I created as seen below.

Store Assets

Some of the assets that are used in the stores can be seen here below. The square image is the "master image", which basically is the cover image or icon of the game. We used the ship as the "hero" for the game and assets.