RC Airplane Challenge

Platforms: PS5, PS4, PS VR, Steam, Steam VR, ... 
Release date: 21-12-2021.
Type: flying game, action, simulation.
Genre: modern, WW1, WW2 & more.
Store page: click me
Developer: Strange Games Studios.

Type of work

When I joined the studio, development for this game was already underway. There isn't a lot that I have done for this game in the early stages. But I created some work for this game in the later stages and even after release of the game.

My tasks for this game in short: DLC Level design (train depot/station), DLC level creation, level enrichment (base maps), slight logo redesign, plane ability ideas, some UI (re)designs and more. 

Train Station Map (post-launch)

The maps in RCAC are all maps focused on the singleplayer modes. During development, the plan to include a multiplayer mode was added, but the maps were not designed for air to air combat. With the player feedback for the other maps in mind, work on a new map started. This map should be more fun in terms of objects to evade, fly through and so on. This map became the Train Station map that is now playable in multiplayer (and soon in singleplayer).

Community Management

All the games need some community management, including RC Airplane Challenge. A good overview of what is coming in future updates is important. A lot of people buy games when they can expect big updates after launch.

Trophy Icons

I made the trophy icons for RCAC.