Minor Interactive Narrative Design

The minor IND started on September 1st 2020 and lasted until the 25th of January 2021. It was an international minor, so this page will be in English.


The Fountain of Youth is a game for middle school students. In the game you make choices that will be tracked. In the end you will see how you performed. Did the player fall in certain pitfalls or did the player believe too many rumours, etc.

It is basically modern society in a medieval setting. Fake news is not something from recent years.  What do you believe and what not? Time for a reality check in The Fountain of Youth!

My workflow

When I have to create a map in Unity, for example for the game studio I work for, I use the following order as seen below. For this project I used the same workflow. The section ''making it playable'', is something I am not familiar with. This section will be done by others.

BLOCK 2 - Product Trailer

BLOCK 2 - Map Lay-outs

BLOCK 2 - Detail Shots

BLOCK 2 - Sound Maps


For block 1 we had a group of 3 to create a short narrative driven experience. Below you can see some of our work we created that block.

Gameplay of The Library

BLOCK 1 - Images

All above creations were made for school purposes only.