Kunstacademie St. Joost

After graduating at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht (for Animation & Audiovisual-Design) I started my new journey at Art Academy St. Joost (Avans) in Den Bosch for the 4-year course of Animation and Illustration. (In the last year they changed the name to Animated & Illustrated Storytelling).

Timeline with highlights

2018 a: Started at Art Academy St. Joost. The first half year was a propaedeutic year. I scored 60/60 points.

2018 b: The rest of the year was no longer a propaedeutic year. Started with the actual course of Animation & Illustration.

2020: Minor Interactive Narrative Design at HKU. (5 months).

2021: Internship at Strange Games Studios and started with the preparations for the graduation project.

2022 a: Worked on my graduation project "De Slag om Kasteel IJsselstein". A VR experience for the Museum of IJsselstein.

2022 b: Gratuated with honors in June .


All the work I show on this page will be in the order of 'newest to oldest'.

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