D-Day Enhanced

Game Genre

VR | shooter | World War 2 | Multiplayer


D-Day Enhanced: PlayStation VR2

D-Day Invasions: Quest, Steam VR

Release Date

D-Day Enhanced: February 2024

D-Day Invasions: TBA

Tasks I cover(ed)

Logo (re)design, gameplay improvements, weapon skin tile textures, character skin textures, DLC, PlayStation Content Pipeline, building new levels (see "Map Design/Creation"), remastering old maps, creating terrains, replacing assets, ...

D-Day Enhanced Trailer

D-Day Enhanced Logo

I joined the studio during the release of the original Honor and Duty: D-Day (PS4, PS VR). So the logo for that game wasn't made by me. For the "Enhanced" version I did create the logo as seen below (on the right). It was essential to keep the logos simple so that they would work on any kind of media, something that isn't possible with the old logo. I still wanted to keep some of the identity of the old logo and incorporated the iconic star and circle.

Map Design & Creation

I am a big fan of multiplayer shooters and probably played 90% of all Battlefield and Call of Duty games. It was always (and still is) interesting to see how the maps for those games were made, why some parts were designed the way they are and so on.

When I started doing part time work for Strange Games Studios, it started off with creating maps for the original D-Day game. I had a limited amount of assets to work with, but I was still able to create a fan favorite map in the form of "The Castle". This small multiplayer map always delivered fun close combat battles. 

Eventually we created an enhanced version of D-Day. For that game I wanted to bring more detail to the original maps, but also create brand new maps that would bring the game to the next level. Those maps can be seen below.


The Atlantikwall map is based on the Atlantikwall megastructure on the coastline of western Europe. It is a medium sized map with narrow trenches, underground bunkers and tunnels and some open areas with nature.


The Derailed map is a large scale map that has three main areas. The hill with bunkers, the derailed train and the lumberyard. When there is a small amount of players, the maps will be smaller. In that case only the derailed train area for version A or the hill with bunkers for version B is playable.

Kasbah Village

At one point there was the plan to release themed maps every new season. The maps would be bundled with character and weapon skins that fit the theme of the season. Kasbah Village is one of the maps included to be part of that season.

Kasbah Village is one of my favorite maps that I've created. There is a small village in the centre of the map that is created for infantry battles, while the rest of the map works especially well for vehicles.

Oasis Airfield

Oasis airfield was planned to release in the desert themed season. This map is located in the North African desert. The map has various points of interest, for example the hangars, oasis, radio tower and so on. There are also tunnels running underneath the airstrip, this allows infantry to advance safely.


With players being very positive about the test map (Shoot House), we decided to add another map like this one, but for a bit more players. the end result was the stadium map.

Desert Fox

Another map planned to be part of the Desert themes season is the Desert Fox map. A map that was available in the Beta. It was the first large scale map with more vehicles available. The map was simple to keep the render performance optimal.

Shoot House

As mentioned before, Shoot House was just a test map where we would try various new game elements and tweaks. Players liked it so much that we decided to keep it in the game.