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Strange Games Studios U.S.A.

As a developer for a game at a large game studio, you usually just have one specific task. But at a smaller Indie Studio, you have to cover multiple tasks. I started to work for the Indie studio called Strange Games Studios in 2019. The studio is located in Georgia U.S.A.

At the studio I have multiple tasks, they include level/map design, level/map creation, game art, logo/cover art, UI design and a lot more!

So far I was involved in the following titles:

  • Honor and Duty: Steampunk (TBD) - PS5, PS4, PlayStation VR, PC VR.
  • Honor and Duty: D-Day (2019) - PS4, PlayStation VR, PC VR.
  • RC Airplane Challenge (2020) - PS5, PS4, PlayStation VR, PC VR.
  • Zombie Turkey Outbreak (TBA) - PS4, PlayStation VR, PC VR.
  • a space game (TBA) - PS5, PS4, PlayStation VR, PC VR.

Trophy Icons

By Bas Savelkouls, RCAC, SGS U.S.A. 2020.


Emblem design by Bas Savelkouls, model by SGS, H&D: Steampunk, 2019.


By Bas Savelkouls, SGS, 2020.

H&D: D-Day | Castle multiplayer map

Pictures are outdated visuals

By Bas Savelkouls, H&D: D-Day, 2019.

Mini game

Pictures are screenshots inside Unity.

By Bas Savelkouls, ZTO, 2019.

Fictional Emblems

By Bas Savelkouls, H&D: Steampunk, SGS, 2019.

Community Management

By Bas Savelkouls, H&D: D-Day.